I wanted to create a way to help people meet like minded people or people with similar experiences to them. So that they know that they aren't alone

How it works

Users enter 'tags' that describe them, other users who have written articles that include that tag, will appear on their newsfeeds or in this case 'youfeeds' here you can comment a click a button to indicate that thats just like you. This is also away to find someones profiles to follow. I also hope to add a chat option

Challenges I ran into

Not having a team, some people say that I'm in a great position because I'm currently working on my own. I however don't agree. Working in a team helps bring fresh ideas to the table, as well as the joy of working with a like minded people. So i sometimes , rarely but sometimes having to stop myself from giving up. If I were in a team i'd have other people to work for other than myself, which in turn would make quitting a lot harder.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing a concrete idea, that'll benefit everyone.

What I learned

That it's okay to work alone, people will always join you along the way, help can come from places you'd least expect it and always ask, the worst that could happen is they say no.

What's next for Jus like me

Jus Like Me will have an app and up and running website and maybe 100+ by this time next year.

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