Few weeks ago, I was working on a Java engine and I thought about the ability of a script regarding the code-injection in a live running process remotely. Being a developer, the idea of injecting code at run-time is mesmerizing. Considering the strict eco-system of Apple devices, developers lose a lot of precious time and money, without this facility. Because each update on the developer side has some other passive "effects" on the consumer side regarding the economy and time. So Jupiter eliminates just that. It's a custom written JavaScript code, which has a JS Grammar written from scratch allowing for running simultaneous Obj.C commands along with custom JavaScript code in the same console! This is a boon for developers around the world, considering more than $2.4 billion dollars are spent into code maintenance, we save both the developers, time and money and more efficiency and accessibility on the side of the user. Jupiter does just that.

Challenges I ran into

The TCP/IP connection protocol to send system commands is very technically challenging, and the idea to implement the JS-ObjectiveC bridge for parsing both the JS and Obj.C on the fly in a remote process was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. Overall, almost each and every aspect of the application was very technically challenging. Also, things worsened with lack of internet for first 6-8 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After struggling to start the bridge, we were finally able to bring it back on after 3 hours of hard work and that's the biggest accomplishment I'm proud of. Other include, being able to start the parser and remote server to handle the requests. This project itself is a great accomplishment for me.

What's next for Jupiter

We are working on a better interface and a more smoother connections so that we are able to connect with more users. It'll probably come in a later stage.

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