In 1987 several natural calamities took place. Two of them are the huge flood in Bangladesh and the other one the gigantic earthquake in the United States. No need to say those took thousands of lives. Till today natural calamities are taking thousands of lives every year. The government takes initiative to help the affected people by sending them some food or clothes. But we all know that will never enough. And also neighboring countries donate something to help them. We read the news and feel sad for them nothing else. It is high time we did something for them. Why not sending them aid directly? Wherever you live it is possible to help them directly by this website called "Juntos". It is a Spanish word that means together. Yes, we are together.

What it does

This is a website where people can know about all the natural disasters happening at that time. One can choose one particular disaster or all of them for sending his/her help. One can choose how he/she will provide help. It can be sharing clothes or can be sharing foods or can be sending some money. In the case of foods and clothes, one has no to send them, our volunteers will collect them from their address which they have provided on the website. In the case of money, one can choose PayPal or a visa card. We will buy medicines with this money.

How we built it

At first, we decide how many pages the website will have and what will be the functionality. We wanted to make a good user experience. So we focused on the navigation of the pages. Then we made a design how the pages will look like. We collected a lot of images from the net and then started coding. We built it with a JavaScript frontend library called React.js. For navigation purposes we used react-router-dom. For using this the website doesn't even refresh while navigating. We used material-UI for icons and other designing staff. At last, we used Firebase for hosting our website.

Challenges we ran into

Making an idea of how to help people, I think the most challenging task in the whole project. Finding the exact color combination and font took a long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Doing something that helps people all over the world is the thing we are proud of.

What we learned

We tried a lot of new things in this project. We used "Glassmorphism" for styling for the first time. We also tried some fancy CSS animation for the first time. It took a long time to learn this. We also learn how to use material-UI modals.

What's next for Juntos

Juntos has no backend till now. So the next job is to add a backend with it and make it actually functional. We will also work on the payment procedure because many countries don't support PayPal

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