Due to the drastic economic changes that came with the coronavirus pandemic, we've realized that it's important to start saving money as early as possible. However, we've struggled to find simple tools that work well for college students. This is why we built juno, an easy budgeting and saving tool built with college students in mind.

What it does

juno is a webapp that allows users to track their spending by organizing their transactions into different categories, such as groceries or rent. It also suggests different savings plans and allows users to input their own custom savings plans to be aware of how much money they should be saving per month. Based on these categories and plans, juno keeps track of the user's goals for how much money they want to spend on different things and creates graphics to show them their progress in spending and what percent of their money is spent in different categories.

How we built it

We built juno using web development languages such as html, css, and javascript. We also used Express and Heroku to deploy our website to a url and various APIs and frameworks to facilitate some more complicated features.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was attempting to use an API that would connect to a user's bank account in order to automatically track their expenses. However, due to the extreme security of this API, we realized it wasn't feasible with the amount of time available, which forced us to reformat our entire website. We also ran into issues using the Google charts API to create and format charts based on the data we stored. Additionally, our team struggled to separate work in ways that allowed us to work simultaneously, which led to us often rewriting each other's code. This problem was worsened by the fact that one of our team members dropped out at the last minute and another had a four hour long midterm on Saturday night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning how to work with the Google charts API since we have minimal experience with APIs and graphing. We are also proud of finishing a mostly working website even with the challenges we faced and working with many different html pages.

What we learned

We learned more about how APIs work and the different types. Additionally, we learned how to utilize local storage on websites and work with figma to create a UI desgin.

What's next for juno

In the future, we hope to finish implementing the bank account API in order to add more automation in our website. We additionally plan to add more features specific to college students, such as tracking tuition payments and student loans.

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