Humans produce 246 million tons of waste every year. If we continue at this rate, the movie Wall-E might become a reality. Everyone wants to do something about it. But have no idea how. We want to help everyone make the world a better place by collectively removing trash from our neighborhoods and getting rewarded for the same. We are the Junk Monkeys.

What it does

Our app lets you take a picture of trash and upload it and earn hira(a crypto-currency built on top of a blockchain). And it derives intelligence from the uploaded pictures which will be used to generate revenue which will reflect on the value of the cryptocurrency.

How we built it

We built an android app which lets you take a picture and upload them. The app also tells you how much hira you have and the value of one hira. Every time the user uploads a picture, it triggers a smartContract which then actually pays the hira to the user. We also use a few APIs to figure out the trash in the picture which is then persisted to a cloud hosted mongoDB. The Actually dollar value for hira is derived the money made through the intelligence and calculated to exclude the mining cost and split across the hira issued at the moment. The backend for the app is hosted on AWS at the moment. But will be converted into a completely Decentralized APP(DAPP) on the blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up blockchain for a private test network was really a time consuming task which we couldn't get a chain started in a private network. We considered tapping into a public network(Ethereum) but that would mean we will have to buy some Ether(The cryptocurrency built on Ethereum). So, we simulated the blockchain functionality for the hack. We did only the functionality required for the functioning of the app, i.e., the smartContracts part. And we did not worry about the cryptography and merkle trees.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The goal we had for this hackathon was to learn blockchain and android development(We usually do web app). And we built a working android application with an amazing interface and working perfectly. And we learned more about blockchain in the past 24 hours than in the past 24 years(Yes. I am 24 years old :p).

What we learned

Blockchain, Hosting on AWS, Load balancing on AWS, Cross platform mobile app development using Cordova.

What's next for Junk Monkey

Making it a decentralized app on our implementation of a blockchain or a public chain and create hira on Ethereum so every contract will be part of the ledger.

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