Due to covid 19, online classes have become the norm. We have always enjoyed performing live experiments for physics and chemistry as they intrigue us the most. With online simulations or theory the fun and novelty of the subject is lost.

What it does

It allows students to perform experiments in the field of chemistry and physics using their phones. Using the power of augmented reality, students will have a seamless experience performing lab experiments while also learning with description of the experiments.

How I built it

We used Unity for making echoAR app, all of the experiments were made through it. For the user to download the app, we also made a website using html, css, bootstrap and javascript

Challenges I ran into

The echoAR part was new to almost all of us, so we had to move out of our comfort zones to learn something new. The animations were tough to make, as they had to obey the actual laws in physics and chemistry

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud, that we stuck through the project and ultimately used a new form of technology. We are proud, that such an app can be used by students in actual classes

What I learned

We learned about implementation of Echo AR through this project

What's next for Junior Chemist

The next step is to add more cool and exciting experiments so the app will be useful for more people. We also wish to expand to experiments in biology

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