Children with reading comprehension difficulties struggle with the understanding of meaning of words and passages, while children with number sense difficulties struggle with understanding quantities (bigger, smaller, more and less).

What it does

Jungle Book was made to provide engaging immersive AR reading experiences for young children, particularly for children with learning disabilities, such as reading comprehension and number sense. This would be used BY supervised professionals and occupational therapists.

Through JungleBook, the animal on the page would act out the reading passage in realtime - every time the user reads out the passage out loud. This would help them in connecting the ideas of the passage to the AR experience, aiding them in understanding or remember what they read. It also helps children be able to visualize how much bigger or smaller an animal is when compared to other animals seen through the screen.

How we built it

I built it using Unity and the Vuforia database for marker based AR.

Assets Used: Tiger - Whale - Jungle Audio -

Challenges we ran into

Communication with my previous team members did not go, as I had hoped. I did not hear back towards the progress of our project, however this did not stop me from learning.

What we learned

I was able to learn a lot about VR/AR through this hackathon, and I am proud of myself for finally get to learn how to use Unity and also learning about how marker based AR works to use towards my application idea.

Built With

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