Inspired by a green world and getting a little out of what surrounds us such as buildings and constructions, we create a game where you advance through the pirate map surrounded by trees and nature, find treasures and advance until you complete all the levels and finally just enjoy a beautiful green landscape.

What it does

The first thing is to open the effect and place the rear camera of the smartphone. The door will appear and then you will enter the portal. Find the objects you see in the instructions and touch them. Find the chests in the shortest time possible, 4 on the first level. when it's done you will advance to the second level and you will need to find 3 gold coins and you will advance to the third level where you must find 4 gold cups. When you complete the 3 levels, you will receive a tour of the entire map to observe the landscape, until you reach the beginning.

How I built it

We build with cinema 4D, we create the textures with Photoshop. And we integrate everything in spark ar studio, where we create a portal to take each user to another 3D dimension, the pirate map where playing, you have to find treasures and enjoy the landscape of a world full of nature.

Challenges I ran into

Thinking about taking a person to another dimension is a great challenge and creating a green world to get out of the routine and where there is fun. Achieve with spark ar studio make a game, that looks nice, works and fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Work as a team and manage to build a portal and a game inside, with a forest and a map that allows you to advance through levels

What I learned

The art of building with spark ar studio and developing skills with 3D, spark ar and patch game programming.

What's next for Jungle Game

Share it and that everyone can play with their cell phone in a different way, within a portal and wherever it is to make them feel that they are in another world, thanks to augmented reality.

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