I have been working in the traditional game industry for years, and I am also a crypto lover. Now the GameFi and NFT are so hot, and I just think maybe we can make a new game on the blockchain.

What it does

Jungle Arena is a 2D round-based game, users can enjoy playing games while mining crypto. Each player can be equipped with a weapon, gaining a fixed skill based on the host character that the player chooses, and when the player has a different weapon, the skill the weapon carries for a more powerful advantage in battle.� Each player can carry three combat pets to fight. Beat the enemy to gain battle by using each round of attack. Players need to make different battle pet combinations to design their combat strategy to activate unexpected chemistry in the battle.� Players capture primary battle pets through the arena, and each battle pet can evolve, their battle pet attributes to improve and can be activated with additional skills. War pets can improve current attributes as well as additional skill activation

How we built it

We have experience in developing games so it is not very hard to build the game structure and gaming mechanism. We find help from a blockchain company focus on the Solana chain and work together to deploy the game on Solana.

Challenges we ran into

We have never been working with blockchain companies, and even blockchain itself is a new concept. So we first need to study a lot of materials to understand blockchain and crypto and DeFi and many other concepts, this is not easy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are good at developing games, so we are proud of our game itself, it is much better than most of the GameFi in the market, it is on a whole different level.

What we learned

We have learned more about blockchain and Solana, and we have learned how to work with blockchain companies. And even more how to transfer from a traditional game company to a blockchain game company.

What's next for Jungle Arena

We jump in late so we are working on it at full speed. The website of our project will come out within days, and the trailer video will be ready, the game structure and demo will be ready as well soon.

Built With

  • gamefi
  • solana
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