The jam’s theme! Games that we are referring to are Lemmings, Tetris and Bomberman.

What it does

In this game you control body and soul and try to connect them with each other - but you cannot give them direct commands, you just place couple of arrows on the map. When one of the characters steps into an arrow, it changes its direction accordingly.

How I built it

With sweat, tears, and a lot of FUN. We brainstormed the idea then jumped straight to first prototype with boxes. Then we iterated and asked for feedback from friends. It is the bare minimum to be playable :D

Challenges I ran into

We had zero experience with Unity so in a sense everything was challenging. We had some troubles with physics and proper reactions of objects, but we solved it the best we could. Also none of our team members is good with arts. We had to search for assets or create some bad on our own, next time we have to bring someone artistic for sure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to create a game in a short time while actually learning to work with Unity engine.

What I learned

We learned a lot about Unity engine, animations and game development and we also learned a lesson, that when you want to create a game, it would be great to have a designer or artist to do the stuff that is not related to coding.

What's next for "YOUR PROJECT"

Steam summer sale

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