So you don't have to feel lost

Personal assistant to guide you through your visit in Tieto Intelligent buildings.

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This is the sum up of everything we managed to create during Junction 2016 Hackathon


  • Axel Auvinen
  • Leo Lahti
  • Samu Saukkonen
  • Rosa Suominen

Code summary

Front End - Evie Built with Ionic 2, using Angular 2. In production level ought to be PWA, website and Mobile app

Peer Server - WebRTC Video call Server NodeJS socket server to transmit data from enduser to another

Collector - Data collecting and serving NodeJS server to collect sensor data, pushing it into RethinkDB and serving it to client

reitti_evie Getting the shortest path utilizing Dijkstra's algorithm


We thought about things that would make the building feel more empathic and a bit of humane. One of the major points we came up with was the point experience of a visitors of a company. Therefore we wanted to tackle that visiting experience and how we could make it go as smooth as possible for both the employee that invites the guest as well as the visitor.

What is does

Evie works as a map of the Tieto building and includes a view for the employee to reserve rooms for a meeting, as well as a view for the guest to collect some information and wishes of said guest (If they'd like to drink or eat something during the meeting) and provide a means of getting is touch with the employee that invited the guest.

How we built it

We wanted the application to be as as possible, therefore we built the application as a website. We built the interfaces used in the application using Ionic framework and the backend for the data collection using RethinkDB. We also wanted to include pathing inside the building, so we built a custom pathing application using Dijkstra.

Challenges we run into

Some minor problems with webRTC phone calls as well as getting the shortest path with Dijkstra.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We're proud of the fact that we actually got something done, since we came to the event with not that much expectations because of other demands during the weekend.

What's next for Evie?

We would like to build the user interface to completion (Splitting the admin interface from the guest interface) as well as URL generation and sending for the guest using a generated email and add other functions to the application like connection to the elevators, locks that open for the user, connection for the cafeteria PoS for easier interaction.

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