Search was revolutionized by Google, and today it's the leader amongst all. Why is it so? Because it never stagnates!

Motivation Let's think of some situations, I wanna see a part of a Friends episode amongst all season where Brad Pitt shows up. I wanna see the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War. I wanna only watch the heated moments in a football match, nobody likes the fillers right? Or anything random like I wanna watch penguins from a video about Antarctica on NatGeo! But the issue is, -pause, that nobody remembers the actual timestamps. You don't know when your desired content occurs in the video :(

Have you ever thought it would have been better if we were able to jump to our favorite portion of the video without actually seeking manually in the video? Wouldn't it be cool if you just type/say what you want to see and automatically get the location to that part of the video?

Solution The solution is here! Presenting the most innovative, out of the box solution, 'Jump to This', where you just type/say what you want to see and get the location of those videos/portions of the videos you sought for. No more manual scrolling required!

We have used Google's Cloud Video Intelligence API, Cloud Speech-to-Text API, Google Cloud Storage, developed using Google Cloud Platform, using Node.js in the backend.

This solution will not only help build a better customer experience for video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. but would also help in the better categorization of the content, that can be recommended to the users in the future. It also helps filter explicit content with the provided kids mode. Not to forget the portion of the topic you want to study a day before the exam from the MIT OpenCourseWare.

Challenges Faced The first and foremost challenge was to select a thought-provoking project and get hands-on on new technologies. The lack of documentation because of the beta API's (currently being developed). Integrating the node server with google intelligent API. Ryan (Google representative) was a great help in understanding some topics.

What we learned The correct use of the Google cloud platform. We attended Google's workshop to understand the use of API's better and to integrate it with node.js server.

Future Scope An important use-case where we are thinking of moving this project forward is in the surveillance sector. It has endless possibilities in this area. We will be able to get information, tag them, store them and use them whenever we want. It will reduce putting in a lot of effort into manually going through the videos.

It's the one-stop solution to all the problems. So what are y'all waiting for?

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