Q1: Problem our project plan to solve

Jumpstarting tourism needs to happen within the next 6 months without which the entire industry sector may collapse.

Q2: Impact of our solution: JumpStart Tourism (cloud) Platform

1. Impact

A safe way for tourists to travel to bring people of tourism industry back to work and restaurants/hotels can resume working.

2. Feasibility

The founder has been working on the technology challenges and implementation since the moment it was clear that the pandemics was coming early January 2020.

3. Complexity

The solution requires integration of multiple different technologies

4. Scalability

The solution is essential to scale tours throughput enough to prevent tourism collapse.

Q3: The solution you bring to the table

A. Use case:

Jumpstarting Athens tourism SAFE within the next 6 months. (Greece tourism is 20% GDP)

B. Solution to safe tourism 1: Health Safe House (HSH) concept

It is key to keep tourists social distancing from the Athens general public at all time, from upon arrival till the tourist fly back to the airport of origin

C. Solution to safe tourism 2: Immediate infection chain breaking through the JT cloud platform's real-time social distancing/contact tracing.

This tracks the tourists locations at all time at Athens INDIRECTLY through apps used by
tour guide, coach driver, and security officer to avoid complex data privacy protection of tourists.

D. Solution to bring people of tourism industry back to work

Q4: What you have done during the weekend

JumpStart Tourism (JT) Cloud Platform consisting of:

  1. High level architect design based on Microsoft Azure, DevOps using Terraform and Azure DevOps, Real time Azure stream analytics using Azure IoT
  2. Concepts of mobile apps used by tour guide/coach driver/security officer to track their locations
  3. Mixed reality video conferencing server installed at Azure (http://meet.build-hope-to-end-COVID-19.org) accessible using web client. (Azure, docker, Jitsi)
  4. Mixed reality tour planning/coordinating meeting room using Godot game engine, Jitsi web client, and Google Earth 3D maps.

Q5: The solution’s impact to the crisis

  1. The solution is JumpStart Tourism Platform: the main impact is that it proactively prevents the disruption of business continuity, not just tourism but all other industries, during and after crisis
  2. The platform supports not just different cities within a country, but different EU countries to effectively plan and coordinate tourism jumpstarting.
  3. The solution not only bring people back to work but creates new service job category to make business continuity measures more resilient.
  4. The solution empower a city's start-ups to find creative way to leverage the tourism platform technology to jumpstart neighbourhood economy.
  5. The solution support the development of an EU-wide COVID-19 tourism business continuity standards to make coordination of tourism jumpstarting more effective.

Q6: The necessities in order to continue the project

We need immediate funding of 250K Euro

  1. to validate the business plan and to survey market interest to adopt the tourism jumpstarting business model and the technology behind it.
  2. to accelerate the development of the JumpStart Tourism Cloud Platform high level architect design through DevOps into the first MVP for customer buy-in.
  3. to create a small start up team to immediately disseminate our concepts and preliminary implementation through our established website ( build-hope-to-end-COVID-19.org) and its corresponding YouTube channel.
  4. This small team is critical to mobilize the interest of the fast growing Godot game engine (MIT open source) to engage in accelerating the key mixed reality components that are critical for the remote collaboration platform.
  5. This small team is also critical to translate the targeted communities: Godot, tourism, mixed reality to support our next step in raising further capital through crowd funding.

Q7: The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

  1. The core technology of remote next generation collaboration platform is key to accelerate digital transformation, before and after the crisis.
  2. This core technology is essential to all industries due to the new normality triggered by COVID-19 pandemics
  3. This core technology is key to a more robust business continuity readiness to future waves of pandemics.

The URL to the prototype: 1.Github: https://github.com/JimFFM/EUvsVirus 2.Website for video conferencing: https://meet.build-hope-to-end-covid-19.org/ 3.Youtube: https://youtu.be/834By3-0ji8

FYI: I transfer the content from here: https://devpost.com/software/jumpstart-tourism

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posted an update

Our main mentors who have been helping us from day one are: (1) Klaus-E. Klingner ( Divisional Security Officer, CISSP, GSEC, GWAPT, CDPS, ISO27001 Impl. Munich Area, Germany) (2) Leo Magazzu (Business Designer || CEO @Travel Buddy & COO @SafePls, Milano, Lombardy, Italy) (3) Paul Wang (Head Corporate Governance, Executive Advisor to the CEO, Advisory Board Member, Cybersecurity Advisor,Geneva Area, Switzerland)

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