Our inspiration for this site is our families. Now this may seem very cliche but it is true. We both have grandparents and relatives that have no idea how to use the most basic features of their smartphone. So we designed this site for them. It will help make them more independent and will help them use their phones to the fullest of its capabilities.

We built this website using Weebly.com. Initially we were going to build the website from scratch because we both have some html and css experience however given the time constraint we decided that it was best to use weebly. We answered every question on our website by hand. We decided on what we wanted to show people how to do then we walked through the steps on our phones and shared them in terms we believe anyone can understand.

The main challenge we faced was finding enough time to actually work on the project. My teammate worked 6+ hours every day of the competition so it was tough. We ended up working really late most nights into the morning because that was the time that worked for us. However, in the end we are happy with the work we did and will likely keep working on it after the judging window is over.

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