Inspiration "Playing basketball games, as favorite sport love the idea change way to play them."

What it does "It uses the Myo Armband, as you reach over the ball, clinch your fist, lift your hand, and shoot by opening your hand."

How I built it "I built it by using the Unity 5 software, using assets like the Myo SDK to make it compatible to Armband.

Challenges I ran into "Trying to grab basketball, creating a basketball hoop, and getting to with band."

Accomplishments that I'm proud of " Having a new product to test out and implemented into my groups game.

What I learned " I learn how to code in Unity, create an video game, and how efficient are team is if worked together."

What's next for Jumpshot Basketball "Having Jumpshot Basketball_ italics _ able to play on mobile devices with Armband, Using VR technology to take this game to next level, and soon a release on Steam or Web so, the whole world can see are game.

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