I'm a huge fan of horror movies, books, games, etc. and do enjoy myself a good jumpscare. But I realized there are only so many jumpscares out there, and one day I might run out of juicy jumpscares to get my heart racing! Hence, I came up with the solution to build a website that will forever generate original jumpscares.

What it does

Jumpscares are generated based on two inputs you feed the website, one for the image and one for the sound effect. The program will search the web for the image and then the audio file, and present them to you at the same time to give you a hearty spook! Ideally, the user will search scary things like "Exorcist baby" and "Psycho theme", but it is possible to get a picture of puppies paired with Marvin Gaye's Let's Get it On.

How I built it

I wrote an HTML file with a bit of JavaScript and inserted it into a freemium website. The exact APIs I used were were the Bing API for image search (because I couldn't get the Google one to work) and Freesounds API to search for royalty-free sound files.

Challenges I ran into

I spent a couple hours trying to get the Google image search API to work before giving up and settling for Bing's service. Other than that the project went smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created (as far as I can tell) the world's first customizable jumpscare generator, which hopefully can be of interest to fellow jumpscare enthusiasts!

What I learned

I actually learned a lot of JavaScript, and basically taught myself AJAX. Nicely, these seem like useful skills that I can use in future projects or in a future career.

What's next for Jumpscare Generator

Give the whole world a heart attack.

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