Inspiration :

     I am an computer engineering student, studying in 4th year . I have been developing software, website and games . I saw facebook ad where i saw  this  challenges and learning to increase my talent over here. My inspiration is a Mark Zukerberg , I used to see his dedication in programming when he used to study in Harvard .

What it does :

There will numbers of birds ,number of obstacles and coin - a small boy performs the jumping activities and hit the score .

How I built it :

I built this game with graphics of 'javascript' , 'CSS effect' and 'HTML5' with sound features produced when the boy is jumped.

Challenges I ran into :

      I have been shifting to python programming languages since 2 years. So it was quit hard to create on' javascript and its graphics.'

Accomplishments that I'm proud of :

     Every developers feel proud themselves when they accomplished their task , projects , challenges and so do i.

What I learned :

 I had learned 'jquery effect' , more bit about 'js' and 'css effect' while creating game which i had been neglecting since years.

What's next for Jumping boy :

  I have been planned to 'create different more obstacles , more numbers of coins and level increment features on further update '.

Built With

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