We saw a problem with how investor networking is done, we think we can streamline the process and even add a fun element to it. We saw the potential with current trends towards gamification and social connectivity and thought we could add a business related spin to it.

What it does

Our software allows users to create projects and certified investors can register interest, and send messages to the entrepreneurs. They can do this through a web app, android and ios apps.

How we built it

We designed and built the API using a combination of technologies, making extensive use of NoSQL and JSON Web Tokens for cutting edge security.

Challenges we ran into

Because our data is inherently relational, using a non-relational database was always going to be a challenge (not least because most of our background is in msSQL and MySQL), we thought we'd give a different technology a chance and are very happy with the results.

Setting up the various build configurations for Android and iOS was a major challenge, as because we were using the very latest (unstable beta technology) we had to solve these problems without reliable documentation and questionable forum posts. However, we did manage to do it and managed to create our Minimum Viable Product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the messaging system working, which is a piece of core functionality and makes the app a viable piece of digital equipment for investors and creators alike.

Producing apps for multiple platforms through up lots of pretty specific edge cases and challenges, and to finally get it working on our devices was great to see.

What's next for Jump Leads

Adding more functionality: such as location based investment opportunities, image uploads and 'sliding' cards when dragged. We think this idea has the potential to be successful and in the future we could implement microtransactions for investors wishing to use this service to expand their portfolio.

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