We were inspired by games where you play as a virus, not against it. We wanted the game to play out not the way viruses work in real life, but in a different, funny way.

What it does

Our project is a game where you play as a JGid-21 virus. You go through platforming levels and your task is to infect all of the organs of a human you infected, spreading copies of yourself through the whole body. Each level has some unique game mechanics which make the game more enjoyable. Game has a surprising ending.

How we built it

We used Unity for programming and Photoshop CC 2021 for graphical assets.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have a graphic designer in a team so we had to have on of developers make design for us. That is one of the reasons we went with pixel art graphics. On of our developers got halfblinded on the last working day, which got us by surprise. Pick up new technology in less than a week and develop playable game was quite a challenge as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud we managed to develop this game with mostly our own assets. We consider that we made this game within one week without prior knowledge of Unity also an accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned we can pick up new technologies in short period of time. We also learned basics of Unity 2D game development

What's next for Jump Guys: Ultimate Virus

We want to continue working on the development of this game even after this GameJam ends, because we want to add more levels and interesting features into the game, for which we did not have enough time in this week.

Genre & Publisher

Game genre - 2D Platformer

Platform - Windows

Engine - Unity

Publisher - Nedeľa Native

Unique Selling Points (USP)

  • pixelart graphic

  • challenging obstacles

  • educational elements about the human body

User persona Johny One-eyed


  • 22 years old

  • university student

  • extrovert

  • my preferred platform is PC

  • engaging story draws me into the game

  • I like games with retro graphics

  • I want my game to have logical context

  • I am detail oriented

Goals and needs:

  • I like multiplayer games that I can play with / against friends, but I also find time for singleplayer with a campaign.

  • I prefer mouse + keyboard control over gamepad.

  • Games should be time flexible - do not require much time.


Right now the game contains 4 levels, one of which is a tutorial level.

Tutorial level

In the tutorial you learn basic game mechanics. You learn that you are a JGid-21 virus and your goal is to infect the human race.

Level 1 - Leg

In level 1 you travel up the leg muscle. This level has some hard jumps to pull off so you will need some trial and error to get successfully through it.

Level 2 - Intestines

In this level you need to damage the wall of the intestines in 25 different places.

Level 3 - Lungs

In (for now) the final level your job is to infect the alveolas of the lungs, so that it is not possible for the human to breathe. You need to use RNA for that and you also need to dodge the white blood cells, that are trying to cure the human. This level has a surprising ending before you can finish your task in lungs.


This project was developed for personal, non commercial purposes only.

Credits - song 10

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