We wanted to motivate people to move more, be healthy, socialize and have fun!

What it does

The solution helps moving rythmic and in sync, tracks your and another ones movements/dancing/drumming/.... and gives feedback how good you keep rythm and move in sync.

----> for having fun with others: dance, do exercises together or as a competition.

----> for health: helps you to do more sports alone or together with others => more social contact and motivation through the group. Get positive feedback when you increase your skills. Sports & exercises help fighting and preventing many health problems.

----> for education: feedback for keeping rythm better / moving in sync better helps you to improve in dancing, playing instruments.

How we built it

We used wires! And Android Studio. Some paper and pens were also involved.

Challenges we ran into

The MoveSense tags didn't work reliably (couldn't use one oft the two phones we had for development at all, still often problems with the other phone). The manufacturer provided sample apps showed some problems => Additional obstacles and less time than estimated for implementation. Had to shrink/modify our implementation plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcame the hardware obstacles and the lack of sleep. Developed new ideas in the process.

What we learned

Work with MoveSense hardware and software. Something about android. New ideas and approaches from each other.

What's next for Jump!

It will take a lot more fiddling around with the hardware and software to get the idea consumer ready -> get some devkits, take some time, do more tests, integrate the feedback of judges and later user.

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