I wanted to make a platformer at first but I didn't know how could I do it. So I started learning Unity. During the lessons that are about Unity basics I imagine my game. I want you to not only enjoy but also learn something too. Because there are many platformer are available on Google Play. So I made my difference with Maths and my game becomes runner. I wanted to reach everybody not only specific generation or region that's why I use Maths. I think with this game you can not only improve your practical math operations but also take great delight too :)

What it does

It is an easy runner game with questions about math operations from easy to hard. You can just control the jump and double jump function of the player. You can grab coins which you can also buy new backgrounds, characters, tiles too. When you fall down, you have to answer a math question. Every time you answer correctly you can go on playing but you have 5 chances for answering questions. So you can practice math operations.

How I built it

I built game with Unity which is a popular game engine for 2D and 3D. This game is 2D and all the codes are written in C#.

Challenges I ran into

There are many challenges I encountered. Most of them are found by my brother because every time I updated game, I let him try this game and find bugs. He helped me so much but it doesn't mean that all the bugs are found and fixed :) There are still bugs too but I'm working on to fix this with best solution. Mostly I encountered challenges about Unity physics. For example If I made another game which is similar to it, I would change some of code. Because I added some long codes. At that time I can shorten them. I was stuck with the arts too because I couldn't draw arts that I want to use. So I use some free licensed arts and some music.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At first I'm happy to publish this game. I'm proud of actualising my dream about game and writing the codes of this game. I hope I will make new apps, games too.

What I learned

I learned too much. I learned how to make a game, how to find solutions the problems that I encountered, how to use Unity with 2D... I think you can learn when you are making a project because at that time you have to explore search then find some algorithms or way to solve problems. When you do that, you learn. But it doesn't mean that I learned everything. There are too many codes, algorithms to learn. So keep searching :) _

What's next for Jump and Solve (J&S)

I got new recommendations today. I want to update the game as much as I can. So keep searching and happy coding :)

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