Jump (360° Skydive)

Jump (360° Skydive) forces you to overcome your inner fear of height, diving right into the sky.


The experience is inspired by extreme sport documentaries with the idea of promoting such in a commercial useful as well as entertaining way.

What it does

The viewer experiences the jump from the first person view (POV) putting him in the middle of the film with maximum immersion. He will then be forced to make decisions which influence the story line.

Challenges I ran into

A lot of effort was put in pre-production. But still one of the biggest challenges was the production itself. Shooting 360° film as stable as possible to avoid motion sickness. And finding a tool set allowing fast implementation of user based interactions. The latest technologies, a gyroscope based camera stabilization system and a corporation with Viond.io from Munich, Germany made that possible.

What's next

As this is only an except from a bigger experience currently in post-production the next steps are clear: A longer documentary, following a parachutist, a paraglider, and a glider pilot will be created. The awesome adrenalin thrilling footage therefore was already shot in Bavaria, Germany and in the beautiful landscape of the Austrian alps. Now a team of technical experts, sound designers, composers, cutters and grading experts will be formed. The interactive decisions in the experience will then be implemented with Viond.

Built With

  • viond
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