The game idea is based on the famous movie Jumanji, The player plays as Alan Parrish (main character of the movie) and takes on a ride of adventures with Jumanji.
The game starts off in a mansion when the player rolls a dice on Jumanji board, a random instruction appears, the board spirit narrates the mission and the room transforms accordingly (Growing vines? Bats from the chimnet? Spiders? …. you turn your head and see the changes happening in all directions (head tracking)). The player has to get up and fight off whatever Jumanji throws at them, until the game reaches at end.

Why this idea ? It would be a great use of gear vr strengths and will provide an amazing UX when users feel the room transformations and terrifying experiences. Some of the tasks will be specifically designed to help users overcome their fears in a fun and interactive way. For example -- A task of jumping off from a cliff into a river to obtain special gems (that keeps dangerous animals away). -- A task of navigating away from a jungle while being followed by huge spiders.


I am working out to make this game a real time multiplayer version (being on android has some limitations with lags and disconnection problems). I will try the alljoyn sdk to make it happen.

** The images below are just concept images the actual game will be different

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