Julian: Instant tutoring that's just a text away

Julian is a tutoring platform that rapidly connects students to qualified tutors over text. Users simply text (508) 444-9679 or give us their phone number on our website. Once a user has asked a question over text, tutors can see it in their dashboard, claim the question, and answer it. We automatically handle keeping track of the question in our database and texting the user once their question has been answered.


Julian has wide applications in the education market - we can access individual students with our texting platform, and license our infrastructure our to universities / high schools for use by their instructors and teaching assistants. Julian is the tutor that's always just a text away.

What's next for Julian

You can try out Julian now! In the future we aim to onboard tutors and build out an ad platform for generating revenue from users' questions. Check out our pitch deck to learn more!

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