While enjoying a cool beer at the bar of your choice, the most annoying thing is bad music. In the age of IoT, is there really nothing we can do about that?

What it does

It's a way to really express your appreciation or frustration about the music currently playing - in real time. But don't waste your time starring at smartphone displays while trying to have fun, just push the physical button on your table to show what you like. Upvote music to give good feedback, downvote to dismiss the song. Our algorithm will adjust the playlist accordingly.

How we built it

We connected IoT microcontrollers to a node.js-server and your favorite music on Spotify. The controllers contact the server using MQTT, the server controls your Spotify-playback.

Challenges we ran into

Having to connect entirely different services to make one working application, we faced a lot of difficulties: Slow internet connection, TLS certificates and even more.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working hardware, hacking together component after component without breaking everything.

What we learned

Superproductive prototyping by using microcontrollers, node.js, MQTT. As a fact, none of us really had any profound experience with these technologies.

What's next for Jukebox

Trying it out in the field at the Hackbar event hosted by iteratec

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