When a simple text, meme, or gif isn't enough to share how you are feeling at the moment, use Jukebox!

What it does

Jukebox is a mobile first, digital platform that allows you to easily search, find and share high quality audio and video content from some of the biggest stars in music and entertainment.

As a user - it allows me to send my favorite line from a Beyonce or Bruno Mars song to my significant other.

As a content creator - in the land of gifs and meme's, it finally allows me to receive revenue from my content that is shared digitally from my fans. An additional revenue stream never hurt anyone!

How we built it

We built Jukebox utilizing API's from MediaNet, Cloudinary and Square.

Challenges we ran into

The licensing side of the concept is very tricky. MediaNet helps us take care of virtually all of the logistics for ensuring the artist gets paid.


Utilizing three different API's for this concept was a small win for us! Getting better technically is always a goal.

What we're proud of

We are proud to compete against the other great minds at this hackathon. Win, lose, or draw we take away key perspective from our experience here at SXSW.

What we learned

MediaNet, Cloudinary and Square's API capabilities make it easier to deliver content in a legal and high quality manner.

What's next for Jukebox

Ship it! We are heading to the app store! Stay tuned!

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