HackRU 2018 Project - A collaborative music queue


This web-application serves to function as a collaborative music queue. Users are able to add songs, up-vote, and down-vote based on their personal music preferences. The song with the highest priority (number of up-votes) gets played. Once a song finishes, the song with the next highest priority automatically starts. Each user is given a unique ID upon connecting to the server, and that ID is used to make sure that no user can have a more than 1 point total impact on the score of the song.

API Reference

This project was developed to incorporate the BOSE SoundTouch API


  • requests
  • datetime
  • flask
  • random
  • json
  • string
  • spotify
  • threading
  • Queue
  • bosesoundhooks
  • webbrowser
  • time


Mike Giannella @mgiannella Caleb Frey @calefrey Adam Romano @aromano31


This project is distributed under the MIT license. See https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT for details.

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