We wanted to create something fun and social by bringing people together over music.

How it Works

Juke Bot is a messenger chat bot that allows people to create collaborative playlists on the fly.

The Merchant: the DJ/owner of the establishment

The Customer: the people attending the establishment

The Establishment: A bar, coffee shop, restaurant, club

  • A merchant is able to sign up for their own Juke Bot which is custom tailored to their establishment. Each establishment has a master playlist created by the merchant. The merchant is able to see all queued songs in real time, and can delete/add songs as they see fit directly from the Spotify app. The name of Juke Bot can be changed to match the brand of the establishment (ex: DJ Gert)..

  • A customer walks into the establishment, and is able to message Juke Bot with song titles, artists, or albums, they would like to listen to. Juke Bot then adds the song to the playlist queue.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting Spotify authentication

  • Creating a clean code base to communicate with our APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Smoothly integrating Spotify into the messenger bot

  • Learning more about HTTP requests and NodeJS servers

  • Learning 2 new APIs in a short time

  • Learning how authentication and authentication tokens work

What we learned

  • How to use the Spotify API

  • How to use the Facebook messenger bot API

  • How authentication tokens work (and how fast they expire)

  • Postman

  • NodeJS

  • HTTP requests

What's next for Juke Bot

The Spotify API didn't let us retrieve the current playing song, so it limited us. If we had this feature, we would:

  • Give the user a notification when their song is up

  • See what's up next

  • Show them what's playing right now

  • Show them what songs they requested

  • Allow them to remove their requested songs from the playlist

Giving the merchant analytics: who's requesting what, their ages/genders, popular request times, popular request songs

Allowing the merchant to send out push notifications via the bot about drink specials, last call, etc...

Other use cases

  • Instead of getting the song to queue on a playlist, send the info to a DJ who can see what songs are being requested, how often they are being requested, and if any songs are being requested a lot

  • Hanging out with a group of friends

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