There is currently a struggle between the desire to return to a pre-covid normal and the need to stay safe and healthy. Restaurants and bars where people could connect over shared interests were one of the most missed social experiences during the quarantine. To reopen safely, these establishments have had to lower seating capacity and minimize the use of frequently touched objects. In a world where we are forced apart, we wanted to find a way to bring people back together. That way was through music.

What it does

While feeling more divided than ever because of the new covid restrictions, late-night partiers, couples on their first dates, and girl’s nights out can regain their lost sense of connection to others by helping pick the next song playing in their bar, restaurant, or outdoor gathering. They get to help curate the night with the rest of the attendees so that they feel more involved and engaged in their setting, similar to how they would have felt pre-covid while using a jukebox.

How we built it

Using Android Studio and Java, we brought our Adobe XD designs to life and uploaded them to our personal phones for testing. The physical jukebox is a raspberry pi and a python program that displays the current song playing and the songs to vote on next. The users' voting information is processed in cockroachDB and sends that data to the python program to pull the song from the Spotify API. Juke Brick uses Dolby media processing technology to enhance the audio quality. Dolby media processing also gives the AI information including BPM and genera of the music currently playing to use Google Prediction to suggest songs to be voted for. This allows the "vibe" in the room to keep going.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues regarding Once we watched the workshop Dolby gave, we had a better understanding of how to use this technology in our program. We ran into issues with the computational power of the raspberry pi and just decided to run a Google Cloud server for machine learning algorithms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to connect our mobile app with the raspberry pi using web authentication. This project will help create a great social experience for people in bars and outdoor experiences. Juke Brick helps create an analog and digital experience that sparks connections over new songs at happy hour and bars.

What we learned

By attending the workshops, we learned a lot about APIs and Dolby Media Processing. We were so excited to learn new technologies at Brickhack, we implemented everything we learned into one project. We also learned how to make an AI hosted on Google Cloud and cockroachDB for machine learning programs.

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