Several of our group members were tired of finding expired food in our fridge, and given the current pandemic situation, going out to buy food may be stressful, so we wanted to make sure every trip to the grocery store counted.

What it does

Mobile apps like the Walmart or Kroger app track the user's purchases. Our goal is to create an application that uses that information and information concerning the general shelf life of the products in order to give users a reminder whenever their food is going bad.

How I built it

We built our mockup using a program called MockFlow and designed our presentation in Google Slides.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard narrowing down what we wanted to do for the project. Originally, the team decided on a drone that can track illegal activity, but it turns out that feature was quite common in the real world, so we turned to a grocery tracking app. While recording, several of our members had trouble speaking precisely, either too fast or too slow, but we managed. Other than that, everything else went smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully designed the presentation in an easy-to-understand manner to cater to a larger audience. Our speaking voices also improved, mainly because we adjusted the speed in which each member talked in order to fit time constraints. Also, the team worked extremely well together; we listened to each other's suggestions and implemented them accordingly

What I learned

Through the many workshops, I had the chance to learn a bit about HTML and JavaScript. As our first hackathon, we also got to learn a lot about the process and how to manage work in such a short time.

What's next for JuiceBox

As beginner students in computer science, we still have a lot to learn. We plan on spending time learning more about front-end languages in order to start developing prototype software this December.

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