Growing up I did not know my way around Maths and Physics, I can't say I hated them either even had to take SSCE twice to make up for the deficiency. however, I took the bold and brave step of studying Physics at the University. Over time and with much constructive interaction I got better at both maths and physics that I graduated with a First Class degree. Essentially the more interaction one has with anything of interest the better they get at it. And making such interaction readily available and accessible to all at no cost will no doubt help develop them.

Some worries:

  • Lack of access to quality education
  • Need for personalized learning
  • The high cost of data to facilitate online-personalized learning.
  • Difficulty in administering theoretical maths tests for students evaluation.
  • Fear of maths and other computational disciplines.

What it does

JuggernautBot: An AI-powered bots which leverage on machine learning to engage students via trivia whilst giving users a stepwise breakdown of how the solution was arrived at, also serves as a goto thesaurus for solutions to seemingly difficult math problems.

How we built it

JuggernautBot is developed with Python implementing Flask, Chatterbot, Python, SQLAlchemy, SQLite3

Challenges we ran into

Bringing the team together to work remotely while having to deal with our daily activities was a set-back which we strived to overcome. Also trying to develop and implement the idea, we were faced with the hitch in terms of where to get and how to train our dataset due to lack of good knowledge of TensorFlow and sequence to sequence. Due to the charges on Paperspace and other models training site we tried to use, we couldn't train our chatbot with TensorFlow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

JuggernautBot is an achievement we are proud of, however, we are most proud of the fact that we can play a major role in facilitating the learning process NOT just for our usual learners but also for those undergoing special education.

What we learned

We were exposed to a new set of skills we didn't have good knowledge of prior the hackathon, it was required that we learnt them in order to pull off the project we embarked on and it was worth it! We also learnt to work as a team even remotely which was one of our greatest challenges.

What's next for JuggernautBot

With the increase in essential data-set, JuggernautBot is subject to further extension into more computational and non-computational fields encompassing all spheres of life in a bid to aid the learning process and evaluation methods in conventional and unconventional education systems. Leveraging on already existing and emerging technologies (like; Braille monitor display and TTS/STT) JuggernautBot will also introduce new plugins that will enable those with visual and hearing impairment effectively and fully participate in advancing their learning experience.

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