I wanted to make something unique and fun for this hackathon. I always thought reactive lights were cool, but it was a bit plain for my liking. That is when I got the idea to make it troll and roast people into the ground too!** >:D**

What it does

LED lamps react to sound based on data sent to it by a main controller via wifi. It can also just be turned on with all white and not react to sound. The main controller has a monitor attach to it and can play videos or sound media. You can also play pong I guess. It will also randomly insult/judge you whether you ask for it or not. Looks cool and roasts you at parties!

How we built it

The LED lamp consist of a power supply, WS2812B LED strip (144 LEDs per meter) placed into a aluminum channel and covered with a plastic light diffuser, and a ESP8266 which is the wifi module. The controller is and power is hidden in the wooden base we made out of scrap wood and a CNC router. This lamp communicates through wifi to the main controller which consist of a ESP8266 module, charging module and lithium ion battery pack, sound sensor, button for switching modes, and a switch for on/off all in a cardboard box with a monitor and wooden facade on top. There is also a raspberry pi 4 to control the monitor, random insults, and media. The ESP8266 were coded in C and that pi in Python.

Challenges we ran into

Wire management was a mess. We had to cut some wires and reconnect them to get them to fit in there box.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The reactive lights look cool as heck in the dark and it does indeed roast you.

What we learned

ESP8266 wifi modules are fun to work with.

What's next for Judgmental Rave Machine

Party time!

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