We were really inspired by the theme of this weekend's hackathon - and we really missed the Calgary Stampede this year 🤠 We also really love the look of games like Stardew Valley or Celeste and wanted to try and recreate that for ourselves.

What it does

This is an old-style pixel cowboy shooter game, that uses in-game physics, animation, and sound effects to really bring the wild west ~vibes~ to the game.

How we built it

We built this game using the Unity game engine, and C#. It's this team's first try at a Unity game. None of us have used Unity or C# before, but we were all really interested in learning - so this weekend, we committed to it! To draw the sprites and animations, we used Aseprite, and to create the music for our game we used Bosca Ceoil.

Challenges we ran into

Since none of us were familiar with the Unity interface, it was a pretty steep learning curve. There are a lot of windows, components, and parameters you can control within the game, which is great for pros but it's a little daunting for beginners. But as they say in the Wild West - Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really happy about the fact that every pixel, and every note you see or hear in the game was completely made by a member of this team! After struggling to find free assets on the Unity Asset Store, we decided to try our hand at creating our own, and we think it turned out really well! Also, the algorithm we developed for our enemy cowboy AI ended up working well, with a continuous circular tracking motion around the player. With our team of mostly beginner hackers and coders, we're very pleased with our final product and our ability to come together as a team to create something amazing!

What we learned

We learned that it can be frustrating at times to try to learn an entirely new language and software as a team. But it was also, really, really fun, the most important things are to remember we're all in this together, and to never give up. In terms of technology, we learned a lot about how scripts work within games, and we have a huge amount of respect and empathy for the game devs working every day to optimize their code :)

What's next for Juan Wick

We're hoping to clean up our code a little more as we learn more about the Unity engine, and optimize our game as much as possible. We're also looking forward to adding more levels, and randomly placing the enemies throughout the levels. Since everything in the game is made by us, we're also looking into publishing our game on Steam or another online game store.


We couldn't have created our game this week without the many helpful video tutorials published by Brackeys

Also, thank you to the lead developers of Aseprite, a wonderful pixel art editing software: David Capello, and Gaspar Capello

Thank you to the developer of Bosca Ceoil, a great music creation tool for game developers: Terry Cavanagh

Last but not least, thank you very much to MLH and the organizers of YeeHaw Hacks. This was a really fun weekend, and we couldn't have done it without you!

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