XCore is a framework to define and execute automated tests. It enables automation code development in Java, test script development in XML via domain specific language, and execution & reporting via JUnit.

Go full throttle on testing with XCore ! Get your application Domain Experts to define tests and get your Developers to implement underlying code.

Here is the link to getting started


Release 1.0 - 12/23/2014

Release 1.1 - Coming soon!


We encourage contribution from the open source community to help make XCore better. Please refer to the development page for more information on how to contribute to this project including sign off and the DCO agreement.

If you have any questions or discussion topics, please post them on Google Groups.


XCore uses Maven for build. Please install Maven by downloading it here.

# Clone XCore git repo
git clone git://github.com/FINRAOS/JTAF-XCore.git
cd JTAF-XCore

# Run package to compile and create jar
mvn package

Running Tests

XCore uses Maven plugins to execute both the unit and integration tests. You can run all of the tests by executing:

mvn verify

You can run individual tests by executing it from your IDE or through command line. Please refer here.


XCore requires Java SE version 7 or above available here

License Type

JTAF projects including XCore is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

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