Recently, I've noticed a rise in webapps that require a terminal to be available. This is most obvious in online dvelopment tools, such as the Cloud 9 IDE. However, these tools use a sort of fake terminal--all it does is grab the text and send it to the server for processing. The server then sends the results back to the browser.

There are a few major JavaScript libraries that are under development which will allow very powerful development tools and other command-line tools to be run in JavaScript in the browser. For example, a port of git for JavaScript was started up within the past year. This is what gave me the idea to create a terminal emulator and shell in JavaScript.

JSShell is a basic terminal emulator and shell environment which allows programs to be added in a manner similar to including a plugin to any JavaScript webapp. It is very easy to connect to other parts of any web page and use a terminal from inside the browser anywhere it is needed.

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