A course porject and generally I want to understand more about data visualisation and parsing information found on the web.

What it does

Visualisation the distribution of council tax across most London boroughs

How I built it

With processing, sheer determination (10 minutes sleep) also with some film watching for motivation, libraries i found for mapping coordinates on the net and JSON/CSV converted files for information parsing.

Challenges I ran into

JSON Parsing, using unknown libraries and starting and stopping 3 other projects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally got JSON parsing information to the sketch and fingers cross there are some interactive elements.

What I learned

Tons about JSON, APIs and communcaiton across various channels (slack, face to face, irc (oldskool chat rooms)) to gain help

What's next for JSONVis

I would like to extend this to show more regarding the inequality that we have between rich and poor. Using a social API (twitter, facebook or instagram to visualise comments)

Built With

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