This will deploy everything automatically through aws api, will create a 'Cloud Formation' cluster, you will be able to do kubectl from the system you are installing. This will also create two ECR registry, one for Jira and one for database.

What it does

Deploy Jira in aws EKS kubernetes in a automated fashion.

How I built it

You can do this with a aws free tier account, login and go to IAM and create a user with "AdministerAccess" privilege and obtain AWS Access Key ID AWS Secret Access Key Everything else is automated, even databe connection.

Challenges I ran into

Tried Mysql, but didn't work. May be I was doing something wrong :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Its completely automated and anyone can install Jira without the help of solution partners

What I learned

Adopt Jira docker image to use external databse

What's next for Jira in aws k8s automation

Would like to integrate with aws aelxa, then when we say "create a Jira instance", it should spin up a new Jira and kuberentes cluster. Also can integrate confluence, bitbucket etc.

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