A jQuery-based notification plugin for creating notifications like Ubuntu's Notify OSD ones.




  • Can be easily plugged into jQuery.
  • Queueing of multiple notifications
  • Unobtrusive and minimalistic
    • Transparency on hover
    • Click through notifications on links / buttons below them
  • Simple API
  • Theme-able and configurable
  • Modifiable global defaults

Demo & Source Code

code: http://github.com/vickychijwani/jquery-notify-osd/ OR http://plugins.jquery.com/project/JNotifyOSD demo: http://vickychijwani.github.com/jquery-notify-osd/


Copy notify-osd.min.js and notify-osd.css to your project. The default theme can be changed by editing notify-osd.css. Minified versions (notify-osd.min.*) are also available. See examples below for how to use the plugin.

Supported Browsers

Tested on Firefox 4+, Chrome 1+. Should work just fine in Opera and Safari. IE support yet to be tested.

If you encounter any bugs, or have any suggestions, you can file an issue.


The last three options should not usually be needed, but if your use-case calls for it, you have them available.

  1. text (required, type: string)

    • The text to be displayed in the notification.
  2. icon (type: string, path to image)

    • The optional icon to be displayed with the notification.
  3. timeout (type: integer > 0, default: 5 seconds)

    • The number of seconds after which the notification should disappear automatically. NOTE: This option is ignored if sticky is true.
  4. sticky (type: boolean, default: false)

    • Whether the notification should disappear automatically after timeout seconds or not. NOTE: Sticky notifications are always dismissable, and the timeout parameter is ignored for them.
  5. dismissable (type: boolean, default: false)

    • If set to true, the notification can be dismissed manually. NOTE: This option is ignored if sticky is true.
  6. click_through (type: boolean, default: false)

    • If set to true, links and buttons below notifications can still be clicked on, i.e., the notification behaves as if it is not present there. NOTE: Doesn't work in IE and Opera.
  7. visible_max (type: integer > 0, default: 3 notifications)

    • The (global) maximum number of simultaneously visible notifications. If more than visible_max notifications are created, they are added to a queue and displayed later, once an already visible notification is dismissed. NOTE: This is a global parameter and must be set in the beginning through $.notify_osd.setup().
  8. spacing (type: integer > 0, default: 20 pixels)

    • The amount of spacing between consecutive notifications on the screen.
  9. buffer (type: integer, default: 40 pixels)

    • The width of the "buffer" region around a notification. As the mouse pointer goes deeper into the buffer region, the notification becomes more and more translucent, finally settling at the opacity given by opacity_min.
  10. opacity_max and opacity_min (type: number in the range [0.0, 1.0], default: 0.85 and 0.20 respectively)

    • The maximum and minimum opacities of the notification. When the mouse pointer is far from the notification, its opacity is opacity_max, as the mouse comes closer the opacity goes to opacity_min. The region around the notification in which this occurrs is defined by the buffer option.


// simplest example, default settings
var notif = $.notify_osd.create({ text: 'Hey there!' });

// standard options
var notif = $.notify_osd.create({
  'text'        : 'Hi!',
  'icon'        : 'images/icon.png',     // icon path, 48x48
  'sticky'      : false,                 // if true, timeout is ignored
  'timeout'     : 6,                     // disappears after 6 seconds
  'dismissable' : true                   // can be dismissed manually

// default settings (apply to all future notifications)
  'visible_max' : 2,                     // max. no. of simultaneously-visible notifications
  'icon'        : 'images/default.png',
  'sticky'      : false,
  'timeout'     : 8

// the following notification will have the default settings above ...
var notif = $.notify_osd.create({
  'text'        : 'Hello!'

// ... unless they are specifically overriden
var notif = $.notify_osd.create({
  'text'        : 'Hey!',
  'icon'        : 'images/override.png'
  'sticky'      : true

// dismiss a single notification

// dismiss ALL notifications (visible as well as queued)

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