Small screens make it inconvenient to use a keyboard, so we developed a new way to write text using a joystick. However, we realize that joysticks are somewhat antiquated, and would like to use this prototype to further develop gestured typing and explore wearable options like conductive fabric.

What it does

Letters and punctuation are determined with a series of tilts and rotations, resulting in more intuitive typing while using the Xbox or an Apple Watch. This way you don't have to look at your screen or type through your phone, and while using an Xbox controller you can save time.

How I built it

We built this prototype using the Arduino and a joystick sensor, then used python to interpret the sensor output.

Challenges I ran into

Since we are currently outputting text to the console, text editing is limited.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We wanted to build a working prototype and we reached that goal this weekend.

What I learned

We gained experience interfacing software with hardware, including piping serial output to python.

What's next for Joystick Keyboard

We want to create an app that allows typing on devices, as well as a keyboard replacement for smartphones.

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