JOYST stands for Joy in Simple Things. The inspiration behind JOYST is to spread happiness in everyone's mundane lives via one of the most engaging mediums around - video. We wanted to build a mobile platform for upcoming performing artists to showcase their talent by creating engaging and uplifting videos on ongoing themes. The most creative video would then be recognized on the JOscar page (currently under development), thereby providing recognition to the artists and spreading joy amongst their fan-base.

How it works

JOYST is a theme-based video app that encourages artists to develop and submit creative videos on ongoing themes. Themes in JOYST are time-bound and become inactive when the deadline for a particular theme is reached. Users are encouraged to participate in active themes. The JOYST user-base then views and votes for the best submission per theme and the artist with most votes will get recognized on the app on the JOscar page (currently under development).

Link to the app on the App Store:

Challenges we ran into

The two main challenges we have run into have been keeping up with the constantly changing iOS development platform (i.e. iOS software upgrades, introduction of new iOS devices) and encouraging creative Vine and YouTube users to adopt the platform.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud to have released the first version of the app on the App Store for users to use and create happy and entertaining videos. In recent days, some of the Vine and YouTube users we reached out to have joined the platform and, given that JOYST encourages the users to post funny/inspirational videos, acting gigs, music parodies, stand-up comedies, etc., we are excited to see the kind of content those users submit over time.

What we learned

We have learned is that it is very important to listen to your target audience. We have reached out to our potential users and got their inputs. We have made their inputs the basis of our future enhancements. We have also learned that it is very important to be agile and nimble in today's world to be successful. We have to innovate everyday. We hope to create a fun-filled happy environment for artists to showcase their talent. Finally and most importantly, we have learned to work as a team. All of us have complimentary skill-sets and have learned of each others' strengths.

What's next for JOYST

In the short-term, the goal is to -

  • build the JOscar (JOYST Oscar) page (our talent recognition page)
  • make some aesthetical changes to the iOS version of the App
  • launch the Android version of the App
  • generate high quality creative content via the JOYST community

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