Our inspiration for this project was the thought that gamifying menial tasks, such as driving, can make them more enjoyable and engaging experiences. Since driving in particular carries many risks, we hoped to encourage people to be better, safer drivers by using our program.

What It Does

Joyride turns your daily commute into a fun, social game while encouraging you to drive safely. You'll earn (or lose) points based on how smoothly you accelerate, brake, turn, and whether or not you use your seat belt and headlights properly. All these points add up to an overall score that will tell you how good you are at driving. However, that's not all- you can compete with friends and neighbors by comparing your scores on the leaderboard.

How We Built It

We used CSS, HTML, Javascript, General Motor's API, Photoshop, and Firebase.

Challenges We Ran Into

One of the challenges we ran into was our unfamiliarity with CSS. However, after attending a web design workshop hosted by MHacks, we gained a much better understanding of it and were able to use it to make our final product much more aesthetically pleasing. Another challenge that we faced was learning how to use General Motor's API (ngi sdk), since it was our first time working with it. Learning how to use Firebase was also a challenge, but in the end we were able to successfully incorporate it into our project.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We were really proud to have learned more about a new and incredibly exciting API from General Motors. We also learned a lot about CSS and JavaScript, which we will now be able to better utilize in future products.

What We Learned

We specifically learned more about formatting using CSS and writing functions with JavaScript. We were also able to learn a lot about General Motors' API after the many hours we spent working with it.

What's Next for Joyride

The next possible step for Joyride would be to expand on Joyride's functionality to include more data from more sensors to better assess how good of a driver someone is. These algorithms and scores could possibly be used for car insurance companies and customers to calculate fair rates for insurance.

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