I love traveling but I hate it.

Travelling is a painful experience when it should be something that brings you joy


  1. Layovers are a nightmare
  2. Too many options
  3. Expensive!
  4. Visa Issues

Imagine going from London to California and having a layover for a couple of hours in New York, just too short to have any time to actually explore the city, but unbearably long to spend sat aimlessly in the expansive warehouse that is an airport.

Imagine a similar situation travelling to a country that also requires a layover, this one may be 8 hours long but, unaware of the situation you didn't realise until landing that you require a visa to leave the airport, this means that regardless of the length of time you're essenstially stuck in the airport.

We Want to fundamentally change this We wan to Help people who want to travel, travel

we chose to use google assistant as it is used in over 500 million devices

What it does

Joyfly, in its first iteration, is a google chatbot that you can easily interact with using your voice or text, after asking google to Joyfly to a location a conversation like this will ensue:

Hey google I want to joyfly to new york

Where from?



Anytime this month

I found a flight that has an 8 hour stop in paris, (“however you would require an extra visa for this joyfly” or “ and there is no extra visa required for this journey”) would you like to hear about things to do while you’re there?


“Read top attractions in paris” would you like to book this flight?



How I built it

DialogFlow with the API and dataset provided by Reply.

Challenges I ran into

The Dataset and API we were provided with wasn't ideal as the number of flights included in the dataset was very limited, it was also in XML which proved to be a hassle when trying to integrate it into DialogueFlow

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for JoyFly

an expansion to other chatbot platfors, such as alexa skill and facebook chatbot. A full application with a clean UI with visuals and guided tours depending on how long the layover is.

We as a team are participating in the travel accellerator challenge.

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