Today’s generation of children and young adults are immersed and interconnected with the world than ever before, due to the advancements of technology. While it has produced many great opportunities, it also creates serious burdens and problems for people of all backgrounds. Depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, social class, or financial status. These can be detrimental to any growing and developing being, which is the inspiration for us to act upon this.

Joy Bot is a messaging platform and chat-bot, unlike anything the world has ever seen. Built around a social messaging platform that is open to all users via a Google sign-in, Joy Bot is an open ground for discussion with friends, family, and the rest of the world. It features an intuitive, clean, and minimalist design for anyone to use. Furthermore, Joy Bot combines keyword searches and sentiment analysis to identify and diagnose common mental disorders, provide support for the issues, and provide possible solutions and contact information towards helpful individuals. .

The primary imperative of this platform is to aid the innumerable people across all walks of life who are struggling with mental illness. Untreated depression is one of the largest causes of suicide, being the main cause among teenagers. Millions of Americans struggle with mental illness every year. An estimated 20% of the youth suffers from a mental disorder.

Our software works behind-the-scenes to analyze keywords and uses sentiment analysis to analyze tone and texting behavior to help diagnose mental illnesses. A positive diagnosis results in actions such as notifying parents/guardians, providing the National Suicide Prevention Number, automated messages to try and solace the user, or providing contact information to doctors and psychiatrists.

In a world where people are equipped with the tools to combat and diagnose mental illness before it's too late, life would be better. We've built Joy bot; now Joy bot will build that world.

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