People often suffering with depression need someone to talk to, but don't have anyone or just are afraid to approach them. That's how we got the idea to create a chatbot which will help those people.

What it does

Joy Support Bot talks with the person, letting them vent out, giving advice or just cheering them up.

How we built it

At first we did research, so our bot will actually help people and not make everything worse. Then we mapped the diagram, creating the sections and blocks. After that, we proceeded to write the text messages and collected all of the data we needed. After that it was time for coding. We asked a few people to do test runs and Joy was ready!

Challenges we ran into

We needed to be very careful about what Joy says, so we won't make people fell worse instead of better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all are very happy that we were able to think of a project and realize during the weekend. It was a very fun and interesting challenge.

What we learned

We learned a lot about depression and improved our coding skills.

What's next for Joy: Support Bot

We're planning to find a way to host it to make it available to everyone. Also there's always a way to improve, so we can add more functions to her.

Talk with Joy!

We'll be keeping the server running today. So if you want to talk with Joy, find it in Telegram under the username @JoySupportBot

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