Do you ever wonder how it feels like to play the piano? Well, not everyone has a piano or keyboard in their home; or perhaps, the one you have is broken. I understand your struggle to find a piano, that's why I created Upbeat!

What it does

With Upbeat, you can play piano straight from your browser, anywhere, anytime. No piano, no worries! Open up Upbeat, and imagine yourself as a professional pianist!

How we built it

Upbeat is built with HTML, CSS, and also JavaScript. That's all, simple!

Challenges we ran into

I got a bit issue when we were trying to sync the keys on the keyboard with the piano's keys. Luckily, the problem is quickly solved!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Definitely, I'm really proud of the final result of Upbeat. The design is simple but clean, the app works like charm, and also it's responsive!

What we learned

Most of the time, I always try to create a web app that includes the backend, so that the web app can stand out. To be honest, it can be frustrating when creating a complex web app. In this project, I learned that you can mess around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, yet still create an amazing project. Next time, I might create more simple but outstanding project!

What's next for Upbeat

I would like for users to add their favorite song's music notes, and practice the song while playing it with Upbeat. Stay tuned!

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