Welcome. We are Jihan Feng and Yuzhong Wen. We are grad student from Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Our project is called Joviality. Before we introduce our project, please let us explain what the meaning of Joviality is. It’s originally a word from French. It means happiness and cheerfulness. But as our project, we can also explain it by the pronunciation: JOY VIA REALITY.

Our inspiration comes from taking pictures. We use our mobile phones to take pictures every day, no matter what situation, with friends or families or being alone. Then we upload it to Facebook, tag it, send it to friends and usually that’s it. The album with all the pictures might seldom be watched again seriously, and it is only something happening between a small social circles.

So we’ve been thinking this question: how to make this thing itself, “smile and take pictures”, becomes more interesting and meaningful, or even possible, can this personal activity becomes more beneficial to other people who we might not know? How to possibly share our happiness to more people? With all these questions we began to build this app, and now here is our product--Joviality.

What is Joviality? We are we doing? By register at our website, every user get a seedling at their interface, only by taking smiling pictures and upload it to the server can they grow up their trees. For example, when we are taking pictures, it will detect our faces and rate our smile, the backend of the server will give us scores. It is because we are using an API called FACE-PLUS-PLUS, which is one of the best face detecting API in the world. It is able to detect faces, judge what facial expression it is, and how old is the person etc. We are using its function to judge if users are smiling and provide a score back on the smile, the bigger you smile the higher score you get. We also decide that if you have more people smiling in the same picture, you get extra higher scores for a plus. You can also try to play our app by using your phone visiting joviality.me/mobile, just register an account and take a picture and upload it. See how it works. Depending on the score you get, you trees will grow bigger, and you get certain amount of leaves, flowers or even butterflies for rewards. You can also click on your trees to see your picture gallery. Unfortunately, temporarily we can only take picture, upload it and check trees so far at our mobile phone platform. But if you go to our website you can see your tree and other people’s trees, you are also able to click on it to watch pictures. So individual by individual, single trees gather as a timberland, and users can virtually visiting this timberland, just like walking in a forest composed by smiles, and check his friend’s or family’s gallery. We are planning maybe in the future build up the tag function, so that users can share group photos by tagging each other, and make this website more social friendly.

As our user keeping uploading smiling pictures, finally they can fully grow up a tree. By that time he can plant a new tree and have more collection of the style and patterns. Besides that, to achieve the goal of sharing happiness, we are hoping that maybe some environmental organization might work with us for charity purpose, once the user have a mature tree, we would encourage him to donate this virtual tree, and the environmental organization would promise to build up a real tree at some place in the world to help to prevent desertification or soil erosion. Or maybe donate food or cloth to people who needs them. We are hoping that through this way, our users’ happiness and smile within the small circle can be transit to a larger circle and become more meaningful and helpful. The purpose of using this app is based on the idea of “we are not the only person who keeps this joy, but also pass our happiness to others and contribute to the world”.

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