Everyone at some point in their life has at one point been at their lowest, and we know how that feels like. Our website is here so we can get you back on track, mentally and physically.

What it does

You log in and you get two options, you can either pick the mental aspect or physical. If you click on the "Mental" button, it leads you to five different options: Stress, Comic relief, Sleep, Lack of motivation, and Journal. When you click on stress, you get tips to destress. Comic relief gives you numerous amount of comic strips to laugh at. Sleep gives you tips to help sleep better including pressure points to press on. Lack of Motivation gives you tips on how to be more productive, The journal is a journal for you to write down all of your thoughts or a to-do list for yourself. If you click on the "Physical", you get four options: Exercise, Diet, Skin&Hair, and Yoga. For exercise and diet, you choose your body shape and it'll give you a list of exercises and foods fit for you. For skin and hair, it will give you cosmetology tips to help better your circulation. For yoga, it would give you stretches so you can relieve yourself.

How we built it

We used node.js to connect the front end to the back end, mongodb is the database for logins, and express.js is to communicate between the front end and back end. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the pages.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the images into buttons and merge conflicts with GitHub.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to incorporate all stacks of technologies and using JWT to secure the password.

What we learned

I learned new aspects on CSS which is the opacity of the images and making it the background of our webpage.

What's next for Journey to Zen

We are hoping to have a tracker on our website that tracks your activity, your moods, and what you ate. We would want to add suggested exercises for you once you finish the ones we gave you, and track those as well. We would want you to buy things off of our website as well when it comes to skin and hair so it's an all in one website. We also hope to send out notifications that remind you of your to-do list and send you motivational quotes as well as reminding you to stay hydrated and eat!

Our discord names are: algirlrithms01#5400 stitch#7341

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