What inspired us to create this skill was the lack of interactive games for children that all the while being entertaining, weren’t as educational as we hoped they would be. We look at Dora the Explorer that has a similar design, but which lacks the real interactive and personalized aspect of “Curiosity Kingdom”.

This skill allows for children to immerse themselves in an incredibly imaginative universe, perfectly suited for their creative minds. We provide them with a basic description of their surroundings and leave the rest up to their own creativity. Similarly to role playing games for an older audience, the kid playing “Journey to the Creative Kingdom” has to overcome obstacles that are educational rather than simply destroying whatever is in their way.

The creation of the game was hard at times because we were unfamiliar with conversation bots at the time. As we went on, we became much more accustomed to its different aspects and intricacies, and the development went much more smoothly. However, we believe that it can still be vastly improved.

Writing the back end of Amazon Lambda was a difficult process due to the fact that I have never worked with this type of service before in my life. However, I was able to find the answers to my questions with relative ease on the internet due to the growing usage of conversational bots.

We are most proud of the fact that we were able to accomplish such a project with no previous experience with neither Alexa nor story writing.

I became much more knowledgeable with conversational bots. I was also more accustomed to DialogFlow, with which I have never worked with before. I believe these new skills I have acquired will help me in future projects.

We wish to add features that would make the story more personalized than it already is. Adding professions for the player, hometowns, and various other information about the child will make the story much more interactive and engaging. We also wish to add a randomization feature than will allow the questions that the various creatures ask to be different at each play through. The locations in the story will also be interchangeable, allowing for a more diverse and replayable game.

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