I was thinking that I've never worked with react before, or on an app, so I figured that now would be a good time to do both of those things. Also, I'm interested in making more location based apps, with a kind of mindfulness theme. I've been going to a lot of different schools over the past month or so participating in hackathons, and though traveling to these schools with this beautiful architecture or art is nice, the novelty of it will eventually wear out if you spend enough time in one place, and it's kind of sad to see the things that were once stunning to you fade over time, just due to the fact that you've seen them too much. I wanted to make an app that allows people to document things that they find beautiful, and tell stories about it, while staying relatively anonymous, so the beautiful places you live around can feel new again, and gain new significance to you.

What it does

It uses github's outh to sign in, and displays a map that will (hopefully) be full of the pins that other people have left behind with images or stories. Our stretch goals are to connect the points, to make color coded trails that people can kind of walk along to find beautiful things far away, and allow for a kind of private, journal like feature.

How I built it

react native, expo, and caffeine!

Challenges I ran into

There are some things that work well with both regular react-native and expo, whereas there are some other things that are completely incompatible, and you need to figure out which is which by trial and error. The hardest thing was finding good libraries to use for the project, and figuring out the intricacies of gluing them all together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we got OAuth to work, a map to render, photos to be selected, and are working on adding the pins!

What I learned

React............. React. ...... .. .

What's next for Journey

Add pins, add trails, and add users!

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