What it does

Journey promotes healthy living during the pandemic while staying connected with friends and family. With Journey you can connect with your friends to hold each other accountable through mini-competitions. Journey has dozens of ways to help you track your fitness and nutrition, by offering efficient workouts and healthy meals with the help of easy-to-follow recipes. You can track your workouts, meals, sleep, mental health, and progress all on Journey while staying connected with your friends. Join us today to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle that produces healthy living, life skills, and fun!

How we built it

We prototyped in Figma, and then built it in HTML and CSS using

Challenges we ran into

Obinna: Learning to use the Spotify API, which was in JavaScript, was definitely a challenge as I have never used either of them before Spriha: Learning how to use Figma was a challenge, since I never used Figma or a similar application. Gabriel: Learning to use Firebase, coding in JavaScript, and managing time Victoria: Learning how to use Figma, working on a website layout for the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Obinna: Implementing Spotify API and using JavaScript into our website Spriha: I am proud that I used Figma to design a website that can used. Gabriel: Using Firebase, building the front-end, and using Javascript

What we learned

Spriha: I learned that different platforms can be used and combined to create a final project. Gabriel: Firebase, Javascript Victoria: I'm proud of the website design

What's next for Journey

Fix connection to the database, collect userdata, and implement more APIs

Built With

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